Development Resources

This page will be a compilation of resources development by GOFIRST and partners to help teams in technical issues and challenges you may face. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.


With such a powerful sensor, we want teams to be able to take full advantage of them. We are currently developing demos, source code, ports, development kits and a cRIO interface. Keep an eye on this page for updates to this project and upcoming projects.

A live repository of the Kinect Demo seen at the Summer Robotics Summit can be found here.

A live* folder of all Kinect guides and documents can be found here.

List of documents** in folder:

  • "ColorBasics-WPF" (zip archive) - The exact* demo as seen at the 2012 Summer Robotics Summit
  • "Connect with Kinect" (pptx) - presentation from the 2012 Summer Robotics Summit
  • "Kinect - Getting Started Guide" (docx, pdf) - a guide on getting started with development for the Microsoft Kinect
  • "Unmannaged_Dlls" (zip archive) - all the Dll's you need to use Emgu (see the Kinect - Getting Started Guide for more information on this)

*Note, while all documents will be updated periodically, any code found in the above folder will not be updated. If you want the latest code please visit the github repositories found above.

**Also note, there will be two copies of most documents. The Word copy cannot be downloaded and is considered the bleeding edge version of the document. The PDF is downloadable and is considered the released version of the document. The Word document may have mistakes or errors. It is advised you use the PDF version for references unless you are comfortable with working around possible mistakes. If you find any mistakes feel free to contact us about them.