Events for U of M Students

General Meetings

General Meetings are open to the University of Minnesota community. At each meeting we have a speaker from industry or a research lab come in. This is a great time to network and learn more about what might interest you.

General Meetings are held in Bruininks Hall/STSS on the East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota. Information for academic year 2015-16 general meetings will be posted following the August Officer's Meeting.

Events for Group Members

Build Meetings

Build meetings are the times when group members work on the various projects or competition we have going. Anyone is welcome to stop by and see what we do and learn more.
Build meetings are held in the group work space. Directions can be found on the Contact page.

Robot in 3 Days

Information regarding participating in Robot In 3 Days will be distributed during academic year 2015-16 Build Meetings.

Volunteering at FIRST Events


Events for FRC Teams

Chairman's Workshops

The Chairman's Exchange workshops are an excellent opportunity for teams to refine their Chairman's submissions and presentations. Workshops during Fall 2015 will cover starting and editing the essay. In Spring 2016 there will also be workshops focused on the Chairman's Presentation. Teams have the opportunity to present to large and small groups and also receive a mock judging session from GOFIRST members experienced with the Chairman's Award submission process.


Post-Kickoff is a great way to get going on the design process for the current game season and begin collaboration with other teams. It is always held after the main Kickoff event for the season.


Mock-Kickoff is a great way to learn a good design process and gives teams a chance to practice going through this design process before the upcoming robotics season. Teams have a chance to ask experienced GOFIRST members for help and feedback as they work through the process.


GOFIRST's Summer Robotics Summit - SRS for short - is an annual event held mid-summer for FRC teams looking to build off of the previous season into the next. SRS was started in 2012 as an outlet for higher-level topics that are valuable, but never fit elsewhere. One major goal of SRS has therefore been to bring in highly-qualified speakers not simply to lecture, but to break down complicated subjects and to help advance the Minnesota robotics community. Addressing the evolving needs of the Minnesota robotics community, SRS targets not only Minnesota FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge teams but also University of Minnesota students and the general public. The event fosters discussion on a variety of topics ranging from mechanical engineering to programming and even non-engineering sessions not normally focused on during the build season or at events like Minnesota Splash.

Minnesota Splash

Minnesota Splash provides a series of introductory seminars/workshops to help teams explore all aspects of FRC and get more familiar with the competition. This event is targeted to all FRC teams, especially newer teams looking to gain more experience and understanding of the competition.

Minneapolis Regional Team Social

The Minneapolis Regional Team Social is a way for teams to interact with other teams competing at the 10,000 Lakes Regional and the North Star Regional. This event is held on campus close to the competitions and allows teams near and far to socialize and network.